A Web Diagram of Emily’s family

As part of our Emily’s backpack work, we had to do a web diagram about the relationship between Emily’s family, The farthest person is the person that Emily does not talk to a lot For Emily’s web, the people closest to her are her Grandma, Aunty, her friend Darren and her old friends from her previous school. Her Mom and Brother are the second closest. The Mom is too caught up in work to part of Emily’s life, and her brother is in another country. Her Dad is on the far end of the web. He’s a drunk and an overall bad person. Her new friends are also on the outskirts. They’re cool, but Emily doesn’t know them that well yet. Mr. Kelly and the bullies are the farthest out. In Emily’s eyes. they’re absolutely despicable. That’s it for Emily’s

A Group Tapa Cloth for Tongan Language Week

For Tongan Language Week, we split up into groups to create a group Tapa cloth. When we first started on Wednesday with 5 people, when our group had six. One of the group members had gone to Queenstown for a bit, so we weren’t working at maximum efficiency. It became even worse when another member went away as well. In the end, it worked out fine, but we did have to rush the project. My contribution is bottom middle. That’s pretty much it.

Garden Ranger – ( Part of money time work)

As part of our money time work. We had to write a Job application after we wrote it it was about applying for a gardening job after we sent it it didn’t get accepted so thinking failure was not a choice so we started are own business. As part of are business we had to make an online poster for what we were starting I chose Gardening because I was applying for gardening  and have been trained so its the perfect business.

please NOTE that this is not real and it is only for money time but it is fun.

The Wishing coin

Once after a tiring day of working at the shop I was walking back to the bus station. as I was near the station, I felt a gust of wind coming at me, as I saw the golden lights shining above the sky, checked my pockets to see if I had any coins. In my first pocket there were none on my second pocket none,whelp there goes my happiness I started to run back or I was going to miss the bus, right as I was about to get on I saw a shiny gold coin on the ground I quickly stopped and picked it up well I missed the bus, at least I found a coin , as am walking back to the fountain I notice a boy walking to the fountain with a coin in hes hand. As I made it the coin slipped out of my hand and went into the water bloop the sound goes on to the water I see it go in to the bottom, click clank it goes on to the other coins I close my eyes and I wish for happiness after about a minute of waiting I start to lose hope if anything is going to happen, nothing I start to walk back as am walking back I feel as if someone’s watching me from the back, while am turning my head to check, a small telescope is looking at me I feel as if something is trying to tell me to go back since I already missed the bus so I might as well go back and check when I went to check a shiny goal dust from the the top of the fountain comes out the next moment I blinked and the boy I last saw was talking to me and we became best friends.


Measuring Angles and Using Protractors

Some week’s ago, My class covered angles, it was a new and good experience. We learned what angles were, and how to measure them using protractors. To start, Mrs George covered our tables with masking tape. Then she gave us protractors. We had to measure the angles the from the tape, and write it down on the tape with a pencil. My friends and I began immediately. We quickly measured most of the angles. We double checked some of the harder to measure angles. While doing this, Mrs George taught us that the interior angles of a triangle always added up to 180 degrees. We finished measuring quite quickly and began something else. We peeled off the tape a week later. It was really satisfying.