The Wishing coin

Once after a tiring day of working at the shop I was walking back to the bus station. as I was near the station, I felt a gust of wind coming at me, as I saw the golden lights shining above the sky, checked my pockets to see if I had any coins. In my first pocket there were none on my second pocket none,whelp there goes my happiness I started to run back or I was going to miss the bus, right as I was about to get on I saw a shiny gold coin on the ground I quickly stopped and picked it up well I missed the bus, at least I found a coin , as am walking back to the fountain I notice a boy walking to the fountain with a coin in hes hand. As I made it the coin slipped out of my hand and went into the water bloop the sound goes on to the water I see it go in to the bottom, click clank it goes on to the other coins I close my eyes and I wish for happiness after about a minute of waiting I start to lose hope if anything is going to happen, nothing I start to walk back as am walking back I feel as if someone’s watching me from the back, while am turning my head to check, a small telescope is looking at me I feel as if something is trying to tell me to go back since I already missed the bus so I might as well go back and check when I went to check a shiny goal dust from the the top of the fountain comes out the next moment I blinked and the boy I last saw was talking to me and we became best friends.


Measuring Angles and Using Protractors

Some week’s ago, My class covered angles, it was a new and good experience. We learned what angles were, and how to measure them using protractors. To start, Mrs George covered our tables with masking tape. Then she gave us protractors. We had to measure the angles the from the tape, and write it down on the tape with a pencil. My friends and I began immediately. We quickly measured most of the angles. We double checked some of the harder to measure angles. While doing this, Mrs George taught us that the interior angles of a triangle always added up to 180 degrees. We finished measuring quite quickly and began something else. We peeled off the tape a week later. It was really satisfying.

EPro8 Playground

Last week Friday we started on EPro8 we did the hut first after that we did our dump truck it was so fun then we did our gear box that was really easy i think it was the easiest one out of them all its the last day of EPro8 today were going to build a play ground we were in a group of 4 people and we were splt into 2 people but we were still in the same group me and my other friend started to work on the merry-go-round while my other 2 friends were working on the suing the merry go round was not that hard to make but it still took us both some time. While my other two friends finished the suing they started to do the slide while they were making good progress we were still doing the merry go round we already made the base and the top we were thinking how were we going to make it spin i had some ideas and same for my friend we thought of me and him liked it was going to be manual one person had to spin it from the bottom with a crank after we stuck we that we looked on how we were going to build it i had no idea how to build it but my friend got the idea on how to make it. We were STILL working on it while my other two friends were done with the suing and the slide they started to work on the seesaw the seesaw wasn’t that hard me and my friend started to work on the crank it took us like 3 minutes on the crank after we were done with the base and the manual crank we had one more to add the seat for our special guest.

Yep that’s him hes name is Huggy Wuggy weird name if you ask me but hes the special guest for our play ground  enough about him after we made the seat for him we tested it out the seat was a bit big for me plus hes spinning in fast speeds we don’t want him to go out of hes chair and out of the classroom so we adjusted it to the right size and we tested it again and it was perfect so all together we made the Suing the Seesaw Slide & last but not lest The merry go round and at the end we got everyone’s play grounds together and that’s all here’s some pictures.

Epro8 – Challenge

Last week on Friday, We got 4 Epro8 boxes inside were our building materials like blue joiners, red joiners, axles,  after we got the boxes we got our books and in the books was all the stuff we were going to build all of it looked cool. The first thing we started to build was a hut pretty much like a box but its a house but there’s a twist there’s a flood and it the hut has to be taller then 500 m because the flood was going to rise to 500 m after we built the box we had to make the roof the roof had to be like a v but upside down it also had to be 400 m so that a person could fit inside. After that it had to be stable because there was going to be a hurricane and so we had to aluminum bars there were 3 types of aluminum bars there was 700 m, 400 m,& last of all 200 m and to make the hut stable we had to use the 700 m bars to make the hut stable or it would just wobble and fall when the hurricane came after that after all of the building was we had to dismantle all of it for our next build.

Our next build was a dump truck after we raced through the book to see what we were going to build for the dump truck, on the book it said that the truck needs to move and The truck had to have a movable bed to tip the garbage out we first started on the base of the truck we had to do our measurements right after we were done we the base we started Next we tried building the bed. We struggled trying to find a way to make it move. But through enough trial and error, we eventually figured it out. After this we had to build a handle to move the bed, which could be operated from the cab. We had no clue what to do, so we looked in the guide book for answers. We built the models shown in the book, they didn’t work but it did serve as a starting point. We experimented with many different models, but they all failed in the end. My team and I were stumped, so we resorted to watching a tutorial on how to do it. The proper handle was way simpler than the models we created. Just a couple bars attached to some axles, and with that wrapped up, we dismantled the build.

Our next project was to build a gearbox. This build was very simple, we just followed the exact model in the book. We learned a lot about gears and how they work. Once we had finished the gearbox, we started on our own experiments. We had fun turning the gear at the end, because it would make the gear at the front spin really fast. We also tested the gearbox’s lifting strength using bottles of various sizes. The build was fairly straightforward. We wrapped up that part of the build in under an hour.

That was pretty much it for the week. But there is one more to build, but that’s a story for another time. Anyways, here’s some picture

A letter of advice

To Dave: Hey Dave am just checking on you its Maraea have you gotten a job yet? How’s T I haven’t seen him at all, he said he was going to the car park but before he want to the park I saw him go to the shop to get something, I don’t know what he got. Apart from that how’s the apartment, I wish you had a better apartment and T can’t get any sleep Dave you really need some advice here’s some advice start from a small job and work your way up for now don’t save up yet after you get a job you relay on From Maraea