Clay Work – Pennies for Hitler

Room 8 is reading Pennies for Hitler by Jackie French. we had to choose a critical moment from one section of the book. My group chose the library destroyed and we created that using clay was fun. doing this it wasn’t the best or the worst at least we got to learn something i wonder if we will get to do

something like that. here’s some photos



We picked this scene because it was a one key point of saddest moment for Georg because he always went to the library. The library was where he got the courage to start speaking right after he came to London.





2023 profile

Hello and Kia ora my name is Evon and am 12 years old. I go to Saint Patrick’s school

I am in year 8. I am from Sri Lanka, my culture is Sri Lanka. My favorite things to do are going on my computer and playing games. When I get bored I play with my sister. I love to play cricket and soccer. I love to eat pizza and butter chicken. Cars are my favorite. I also love going for bike rides and walks.


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