The Wishing coin

Once after a tiring day of working at the shop I was walking back to the bus station. as I was near the station, I felt a gust of wind coming at me, as I saw the golden lights shining above the sky, checked my pockets to see if I had any coins. In my first pocket there were none on my second pocket none,whelp there goes my happiness I started to run back or I was going to miss the bus, right as I was about to get on I saw a shiny gold coin on the ground I quickly stopped and picked it up well I missed the bus, at least I found a coin , as am walking back to the fountain I notice a boy walking to the fountain with a coin in hes hand. As I made it the coin slipped out of my hand and went into the water bloop the sound goes on to the water I see it go in to the bottom, click clank it goes on to the other coins I close my eyes and I wish for happiness after about a minute of waiting I start to lose hope if anything is going to happen, nothing I start to walk back as am walking back I feel as if someone’s watching me from the back, while am turning my head to check, a small telescope is looking at me I feel as if something is trying to tell me to go back since I already missed the bus so I might as well go back and check when I went to check a shiny goal dust from the the top of the fountain comes out the next moment I blinked and the boy I last saw was talking to me and we became best friends.


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